Jamaica Deaf Village

The Jamaica Deaf Village (JDV) is a place where Deaf can live, work, and grow. We support this through discipleship, jobs, training, and community. Through these efforts, we can change lives and give back from what God has blessed us with.

There currently are 20 deaf adults and their families living at JDV.

Our Mission

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf exists to reach, teach, and nurture the Deaf of Jamaica so that they can experience the joy of knowing Jesus and serving within their community. We accomplish this by operating three residential schools spread geographically across the island (Kingston, Knockpatrick and Montego Bay) as well as a centrally located Jamaica Deaf Village (Mandeville), which ministers with adult Deaf and their children.


New Life Church of the Deaf

New Life Church of the Deaf is located at the Jamaica Deaf Village, and it is a place where the local deaf can come, have fellowship, and learn in their own language. Pastor Sheldon Burkett not only leads that church but also lives on campus.

Our hope for this church is to disciple and raise up leaders both here at JDV and in the community. These leaders will make an impact in the community and among the Deaf of Jamaica.

Watch a Video of Sheldon's Story

About the Deaf Village

One hundred acres was donated in 1991 for the Jamaica Deaf Village. Over the years, construction was done by both Jamaican workers and volunteers from overseas. Both housing and businesses were constructed and that has allowed us to serve the Deaf adults of Jamaica. Little by little, we have continued to grow and continued to learn. Today we employ around 20 people through farming, construction, woodworking, sewing, catering, and cattle. Through both the work and the discipleship that happens on campus, we are seeing God move in the lives of the Deaf.


Currently there are 20 Deaf residents and their families.


Mr. Chris Briggs – Campus Manager/Missionary

Mr. Lawrence Wint – Farm/Construction Manager

Mrs. Veronica Fuller – Catering Manager

Mr. Sheldon Burkett - New Life Church of the Deaf Pastor

Contact info: 1(876) 603-3773, 1(876) 494-7501 cbriggs@cccdjamaica.org


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