Reaching the Deaf


Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf’s vision is to Reach, Teach and Nurture the Deaf of Jamaica


Psalm 144:12, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4

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Our 64th Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 and CCCD Today (AGM Department Reports), see videos below:


Enrich a Life

By sponsoring a child in need.


Engage Yourself

By participating in a mission trip.


Enable Growth

By stewarding your resources.

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf exists to reach, teach, and nurture the Deaf of Jamaica. Our mission is to enable full language access and affirmation in an inclusive community whereby knowledge is empowered to know the Lord, appreciate diversity and understand the functions of the world.  - Romans 12


Purpose: To Steward God's Resources for His Glory - 1 Peter 4:7-11

Sponsor a Life

One person can change another's life. CCCD Sponsorship is such a rewarding experience. Watch as CCCD alumnus Sheldon Burkett shares how child sponsorship through CCCD changed his life and the lives of everyone involved.

A single sponsorship only costs $32/month.

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Faith, Our Cornerstone, Built with Education

From the very beginning, CCCD has been intentional about bringing the gospel to the Deaf of Jamaica. By giving the Deaf in Jamaica a language, we are able to share the good news of Christ with every child that is in our care. Through classes and chapel services, we are able to cultivate that faith and raise up Christian leaders within the Deaf community of Jamaica.

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Jamaica Deaf Village

Throughout the years, it became evident that we needed to do more with Deaf adults. Many of our graduates would finish school and then go off into the real world. The world was filled with high unemployment and a lack of discipleship and Christian Deaf leaders.

Since the first residents came to the Deaf Village in 2002, there has been steady employment, community, and a church for the Deaf who live on campus and those who live nearby. Pastor Sheldon Burkett is one of our graduates who lives on campus and leads the church.

Learn about the Jamaica Deaf Village
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