Montego Bay Campus

The Montego Bay Campus is located just minutes from downtown Montego Bay in Granville. The seven-acre campus overlooks the ocean and provides a unique setting for young adults to learn. This year is the second of our continuing adult education program.

We currently have 28 students enrolled.

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Lacking Nothing

We believe that the Deaf of Jamaica can accomplish anything. Society, however, doesn't always agree and Deaf youth often face a negative stigma in their environment that creates a L.A.C.K. in their life by excluding them and preventing access to Language, Affirmation, Community, and Knowledge. These four challenge areas impede positive identity development. At CCCD, we change this stigma one child at a time and encourage our students and fill what lacks in their life.


Meet Miss Sharmadine Brown

Miss Brown has been a teacher at CCCD since 2008 when she started as a teacher of Mathematics and Clothing and Textiles. Since then she was promoted to senior teacher in 2011 and then Principal in 2016.

She has always had an interest in sign language and from a young age she began to learn it. When she was 12 years old she was taught how to sign a Christmas carol which she has never forgotten.

When you ask her what drives her to get out of the bed in the morning she would respond, "I believe my love and passion for these children and the opportunity to have a positive impact on their lives is what keeps me going."

Her favorite part of the job is seeing young children without a language, or identity, come to school and in a matter of months learn to communicate and express themselves. She hopes that every student in her care will know and experience Jesus Christ for themselves, and know that they are loved unconditionally.


Vocational Training

The Montego Bay campus offers vocation training for the older students, and National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) is helping to train our students in a number of areas. The program is focused on food preparation and massage therapy. Our graduates will be the first Deaf students in the western region to complete the massage therapy course.

The campus also trains students in agricultural activities as part of experiential learning in conjunction with their academic learning.


Mr. Edwin King - Campus Manager

Mrs. Rhonda Hamilton-Davis - Principal

Ms. Sharmadine Brown - Transition Services Coordinator

Contact info: Phone 1 (876) 979-9153, Fax 1(876)601-0082,



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